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Wincest: Dean Winchester x Sam Winchester

Warning: Fics linked to from this page contain (potentially explicit) references to an incestuous homosexual relationship. If this offends you, don't read them.

Almost by hansbekhart
Dean/Sam PWP oneshot. To look at Sam, you’d think that fucking him would be tender and slow, kisses and smiles and Dean knows better than anybody that sometimes that’s what it is. Other times it’s this, up against a filthy wall in a nowhere bar.

Blowjobs and Sandwiches by hansbekhart
Smutty, PWP Sam/Dean oneshot. "He’s been teasing Sam for hours, sprawled loose across the passenger seat"

The Boy Who Fell by flipmontigirl
Bittersweet Dean/Sam oneshot. Dean was fourteen when he fell in love for the first time.

Carry Me Over the Sky by killabeez
Long angsty, sexy, smutty, Dean/Sam oneshot. Takes place after Cross Road Blues. Dean's running on fumes, and Sam's the match.

Curse 'Verse Stories
by trollprincess
Sexy genderswapped Wincest
This One Time, In A Michelle Pfeiffer Movie
A curse leaves the brothers in an unusual situation.
...And The Horse You Rode In On
Sam/girl!Dean oneshot. Dean hasn't done anything lately that can't be defined as anything other than a really bad idea, and this is a perfect example.
Sew Buttons on Ice Cream (See If They Stick)
Dean/girl!Sam. Okay, see, now Sam's just doing it on purpose.
Keep Your Voice Down, Stupid
Sam/girl!Dean oneshot. Well, of course Dean as a girl would take something like this as a challenge.

Deemed Salvageable by hansbekhart
angsty, sexy Sam/Dean oneshot. "Surviving seems to be the only thing that they can do."

Every Broken Thing by mona1347 & poisontaster
angsty, smuty series of Sam/Dean oneshots.
> Every Broken Thing/Heart Verse fic list <
Blurry by poisontaster
Take It All Away by mona1347
Imposters In This Country by poisontaster
the boys i mean are not refined by poisontaster
Something About the Open Road by mona1347 & poisontaster
Rearranging the Disalign by poisontaster & mona1347
Every Broken Thing: Coda by poisontaster & mona1347

Give or Take the Subject or the Verb by joyfulgirl41
sexy, angsty, smutty, fluffy Dean/Sam bodyswapping fic. Dean and Sam have to explore their feelings in order to solve the case.

Hands 'Verse by poisontaster
sexy, pwp Sam/Dean oneshots. Public hanjobs.
Helping Hands
Dean gives Sam a hand.
On the Other Hand
Sam returns the favor.
Jazz Hands
Dean/Sam. Dean, Sam, and semi-public sex.

Hush (Don't Tell a Soul) by nymeria w/ epilogue by poisontaster
AU. Sam/Jess, Dean/Other, Sam/Dean. So Dean's having these dreams, and Sam's worried.

I'm Not Touching You (And Other Annoying Games Little Brothers Play) by trollprincess
Plotful yet smutty Sam/Dean fic. "It's like suddenly finding out he's grown a tail, is what it's like, as if he woke up one morning and stretched all of his appendages and knocked over a motel room lamp with something that was neither an arm nor a leg."

Immutable Law by b stearns
Sexy, angsty Sam/Dean. Sam discovers exactly what lengths he’ll go to for Dean after he’s waylaid by an opportunistic entity. So dark, the con of Sam. Genderswapping.

Just a Step Or Two Off the Beaten Path by fatale
PWP Sam/Dean oneshot. Sexy as all hell. Sam forget for a moment that they’re brothers and the fact that he swore to himself after he passed those few painful years that he’d never look at Dean that way again: he’d never look at Dean’s lip and the way his throat moves with each swallow.

Just Reach Out by sevenfists
Sam/Dean sexy, smutty oneshot. May is National Masturbation Month. So: car porn.

Last Night of the Proms by derryderrydown
Fun, silly oneshot. Slightly Sam/Dean. The night of Sam's prom. "I'm gonna give you all a nice, fun, normal evening if I have to kill every person on the face of the earth to do it."

Lead and Follow by fatale
slightly Sam/Dean short oneshot. "Sam stared down at his shoes, the carpet, anywhere but Dean. 'I don’t know how to dance,' he mumbled."

Like a Hurricane by mona1347 & poisontaster
smutty, sexy PWP. Sam/Dean sex.

Lift by onelittlesleep
Adult, Dean/Sam funny, sexy oneshot. The haunted theater made them do it.

A Little Superstitious Now by estrella30
sexy, smutty, Dean/Sam bodyswap fic.

Make Me by lyra-wing
sexy, smutty PWP Sam/Dean control!sex oneshot.

Masturbation Oneshots by onelittlesleep
somewhat Dean/Sam oneshots. Sexy, smutty PWP.
Rain Boy by onelittlesleep
Dean/Sam oneshot. Sexy, smutty PWP. Dean catches Sam with a porn mag.
Knees Start to Squeeze, Lip Starts to Twitch by onelittlesleep
Part two to Rain Boy. This time, Sam catches Dean.

The Miner's Lamp by hansbekhart
These stories are about Sam falling in love first, what Dean does about it, and what happens afterwards.
The Miner's Lamp
Sam/Dean oneshot. The second time that Sam Winchester falls in love, it’s sudden, abrupt. There are no roses and Sam’s been wearing the same t-shirt for a solid week. (Sam falls in love first fic)
Ruddy With the Light
Sequel to Miner's Lamp. And yeah, Sammy’s here, however long that’ll last, and he’s got the car and the road and that’s been enough for as long as he’s been counting but god, he wishes Dad was here so badly sometimes that it’s like a physical wound, an actual literal missing limb that’s open and oozing and never so much as scabs over, because he just doesn’t. Know. What to do about Sam.
I See You Better In the Dark
Sexy, sweet oneshot. Sam/Dean sex. The first time is horrible, of course. Drunken fumbling. Have to be drunk for something like that, so they pick up some Wild Turkey and match shots until they stop thinking that this, this is something they can never, ever unknow. Never undo.

Open Secrets by meadowmines
sexy, smutty, angsty, GOOD Sam/Dean fic. Dean won't tell Sam how much he wants him to stay. Fortunately, Sam can read minds.
Open Secrets 1 - Open Secrets 2 - Open Secrets 3

Opportunistic Lover by joyfulgirl41
Dean/girl!Sam. Wincest. Totally shameless genderbending smut. Sam wakes up a girl. Dean notices.

People Livin' In Competition by ladyjaida
fluffy, sexy, angsty Sam/Dean oneshot. "Problem is, with Sammy, these things get out of control. Pranks, stupid games, ass-smacking—everything."

Pillow Talk (slash version)
Pillow Talk (slash version) by eighth-horizon
“When you can’t find anything but single king-size beds in every motel for 200 miles, it says something,” Dean said. “I’m not sure what, but...something.”
There's No Afterglow For Something That Officially Never Happened by halfshellvenus
Sam/Dean Wincest. Sequel to the slashy version of 'Pillow Talk'. The battle of not knowing when to shut up or let things go continues between Sam and Dean, and even if it's mostly Sam's fault, Dean still has to dig himself in deeper.

Play With Me by poisontaster
Sam/Dean ... sort of. Smutty, sexy PWP masterbation fic.

The Red Shoes by tabaqui
Sam/Dean sexy oneshot. It all started with a pair of red shoes. Well, that was a lie. It really all started when Sam was thirteen and had just had his very first honest-to-god sexual experience.

Refer to Reality by impertinence
Sexy, smutty oneshot. highschool age Sam/Dean. Dean and Sam tutor each other and things get out of hand in the Wincesty way.

Second Sight Series by Maygra
eventual Sam/Dean. AU Future fic where Sam is blind. Sam and Dean and how they're forced to change their expectations, the way they live their lives, and their relationship now that Sam is blind.

Seventy-Six Trombones Played Gloria Gayner by teand
Silly, sexy story oneshot. Rather OCC, but so hilarious you won't care. Sam and Dean and a cursed discoball at the San Francisco Pride parade. Cross-dressing and pre-Wincest.

Shift Focus by _mournthewicked
Oneshot. "Somewhere along the line, Sam realized, things had shifted. Sick twisted wrong going to hell became this is okay, great even almost seamlessly."

Tabula rasa by lyra_wing
Amnesia!smut oneshot. Our boys are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly forget who they are. Chaos ensues.

That Old Slippery Slope by scribblinlenore
Shameless genderswapping Sam/girl!Dean porn.

There the Crevasse by monkiedude
Sexy oneshot. Turns out Sam's not the only one with powers.

There's gotta be a punch line in here somewhere by lyra-wing
Sam/Dean sexy, smutty PWP. The boys switch bodies. ...Aaand cue chaos. If you're looking for deep and meaningful fic, this ain't it.

The Truth About the Tooth Fairy by hansbekhart
Dean/Sam PWP oneshot. When you spend your life chasing phantoms and boogymen, sucking your brother’s cock seems less fucked up than it probably should be.

Turn It Over And...
bodyswap Sam/Dean PWP.
Turn it Over And by monkiedude
bodyswap Sam/Dean PWP.
Flip it Back Over by ethrosdemon
dirty talk scene from "Turn it Over And" in Sam's POV
prony outtake from Turn it Over And by monkiedude
Sam POV... Sam gets a moment alone.
Turn it Over And outtake by monkiedude

Turn Of the Wheel Series by b sterns
Wingfic! Thanks to a mistake on a hunt, Dean winds up with wings on his back and angry elementals on his trail.
Three Point Landing
Humor, wingfic. Dean is bitchslapped by an elemental and it's Sam who has to cope.
Four Wall Rule
The boys didn't think the wings would be back - or the elementals.
Pleading the Fifth
Sam and Dean have a plan this time and are totally prepared for Imbolc, giant wings, and angry elementals. Not.
Six Feet Under
The guys hide in the wrong place, the other elemental factions kick in, and Sam's got a power Dean can make bad jokes about for years.
Sevenfold & Sevenfold: Coda
Holy water is still water, guys, and the elements are at war. The Beltaine portion of the Turn of the Wheel series. Run-on sentences! Improperly used punctuation! Blasphemy, cursing, wingcest, angst, Winchester-whumpage, babies in peril, and more.
Volverse Un Ocho
"There were two wild creatures in his yard and a demon in his house. That seemed best."

Twenty Questions by b stearns
very slight Dean/Sam. short-short oneshot. "Git 'er done."

Two Men I Barely Know by fatale
PWP Sam/Dean oneshot. "This may be wrong, but it doesn't feel wrong and Dean's always gone with his feelings, even the ones he was too afraid to do more than whisper."

The Venus Way (unfinished snippets) by goddessleila
Fic rambling snippets
These are just snippets, from various supernatural stories. Genderswap. Wincest.
porn snippet
very sexy Girl!Sam/Dean PWP. Genderswapping. They've been teasing each other for weeks, and now they finally get down to it.

With Teeth by monkeycrackmary
angsty, smutty Sam/Dean oneshot. Set during the beginning of Devil's Trap.

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